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Hot Songs from Cool Musicals
It’s time for some summer fun, but if the vacation you planned has been postponed, you can still celebrate the season by watching these summer-inspired musical clips from some of your favorite classic films.

The Silent Version of Chicago
The well-publicized debauchery of jazz-crazed flappers in the windy city comes to life in this entertaining and well-done silent movie from Cecil B. DeMille.

Love Lands Safely in Sunday in New York
It’s a beautiful Sunday, and Eileen is having man trouble. She needs some honest advice that only her older brother can provide, but it turns out her brother is just as bad as the rest.

Tallulah Bankhead and Die! Die! My Darling!
If you do an internet search for thrillers from the 1960s, it takes some scrolling until you find the final film of Miss Tallulah Bankhead, as she takes on the role of a first class wack-a-doodle in mourning from the loss of her son.

Beware of Ladies
It’s an election year, and the corrupt William’s machine is facing a tough opponent in George Martin, a hard-working, clean-living, and all-around good guy. But when it comes to winning the all-important women’s vote, it is going to take more than the issues to get the right man elected.

Lessons From Bright Road
Tucked into the rural countryside of Alabama, is a little schoolhouse with a new teacher. Miss Jane Richards, played by Dorothy Dandridge, has been assigned to her very first class. With her, comes all of the passion and insecurity a new teacher might experience.

Four Fun Films with Kay Kendall
When remembering the great comediennes, Kay Kendall’s name should not be missed. Although her career was tragically cut short, her body of work was polished and her knack for comedy transcendent.

You're Gonna Hear From Daisy Clover
What is inside teenage Daisy Clover? The best way to find out is to peek in her diary.

Hollywood Black
For anyone interested in a book detailing the history of black artists in Hollywood, "Hollywood Black" by Donald Bogle is a film lover’s dream come true.

The Late Edwina Black
In an old Victorian house, a sinister plan unfolds after the murder of the wicked mistress of the house, and any chance the remaining household members have at happiness is marred by their unrelenting suspicion of each other.

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