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Three Widows and a Corpse Book Review
When Lionel Whitcomb is found murdered, his wife Elaine asks Hope Early, food blogger, to look into it. They are surprised when two other women come forward claiming to be Lionel's wives; apparently he hadn't bothered to divorce them before marrying for the second and third times.

Forget Her Name Book Review
Catherine's malevolent older sister, Rachel, died in a skiing accident in Switzerland years before, or did she? Someone is trying to ruin Catherine's wedding,, and all clues point to Rachel

The Cutting Edge Book Review
Lincoln and Amelia become involved in the investigation of several murders of jewelers and engaged couples. "The Promiser" causes panic in the area, and there is plenty of building suspense.

Much Ado About Nutmeg Book Review
This is the 6th installment in The Pancake House Mystery Series, and finds Marley getting ready for her upcoming wedding. However, her amateur sleuthing instincts kick in and she investigates the murder of a hated journalist.

Murder with Cucumber Sandwiches Book Review
Daisy Swanson is nervous when a difficult food critic comes to her tea garden to sample her food. When he's found murdered, however, this amateur sleuth has how work cut out for her to find the culprit.

Murder in Montparnasse Book Review
Phryne Fisher, protagonist in the series bearing her name, helps some friends solve two murders, and prevent their murders. Phryne is a delightful character and readers of historical fiction will enjoy this novel.

Lying Blind Book Review
When the body of a beautiful girl is found floating face down in a Pasadena swimming pool, Police sergeant Jim Kissick investigates and assigns his long-time girlfriend, Detective Nan Vining to the case. Nan's suspects that Jim may be personally involved in this and a previous related murder.

Al Dente's Inferno Book Review
Introducing Nell Valenti, professional chef, whose career isn't going so well, and whose love life is even worse. She jumps at the chance to transform a villa in Tuscany into a cooking school. This is a fun culinary mystery.

Something Evil Comes Book Review
When a body is found in a sarcophagus on the grounds of a church, Kate Hanson and her UCU team are called in to investigate. This leads to much suspense and danger.

Coconut Layer Cake Murder Book Review
Hannah vacations in California only to be called home early to investigate a murder where Michelle's boyfriend, Lonnie, is the prime suspect. Find out the answer to the cliffhanger in the previous novel.

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